Did The Simpsons Predict Greece’s Default?

Apparently, the show has a history of predicting major global incidents well before they happen and the latest theory suggests "The Simpsons" foresaw the current Greek crisis.

The Simpsons, Greek crisis

Apart from its insightful wit and humor, The Simpsons is known for its eerie predictions of major global incidents.

A (more recent) case in point: Conspiracy theorists went crazy after an Internet user claimed the cartoon predicted last year’s Ebola pandemic back in a 1997 episode in which Marge suggests a sick Bart read a book titled Curious George and the Ebola Virus.

Now, the world famous family is being credited for predicting the financial mess that’s unfolding in Greece.

A Reddit user pointed to the Jan. 8, 2012, episode “Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson,” when Homer appears on a Fox News-like channel and a ticker runs on the screen reading: “Europe puts Greece on eBay.”

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While it might seem like another Simpsons prediction has come to pass, some people disagree. As another Redditor pointed out, the European debt crisis hit several eurozone member states, including Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Cyprus, since the end of 2009.

However, the fact that only Greece went on to become the first developed country ever to default on a loan from the International Monetary Fund in a way proves that The Simpsons indeed predicted the current financial mess.

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