Judd Apatow Wrote A Simpsons Episode. 25 Year Later, It's Finally Airing.

A quarter-century after Homer, Bart and the gang rejected him, Judd Apatow finally gets invited to Springfield.


Almost every famous person was once a struggling amateur. The same goes for renowned American comedian and producer Judd Apatow, who has movies such as Pineapple Express and Bridesmaids on his resume.

Apatow once wrote a script for the famous animated show The Simpsons when the sitcom was in its initial season. However, the script was rejected and the episode never came to be.

This happened back in 1990, when Apatow was 22 years old and working as a standup comedian, while writing spec scripts in his free time in an attempt to make it into the TV industry.

However, now that both the show and Apatow have broken big, the episode penned by the Emmy Award winning writer over 25 years ago is finally seeing the light.

The episode is titled “Bart’s Best Friend,” and is set to hit the air waves in January. The story revolves around Simpson family’s patriarch Homer Simpson, who gets hypnotized into thinking he is 10 years old and befriends his son, Bart.

The iconic show had only gone on for six episodes back when the screenplay was written.

This episode was given an approval after The Simpsons producer Al Jean heard an interview where Judd Apatow mentioned the years old script, and how he had luckily saved it despite his wife’s insistence to get rid of his old papers.

However, he admits that it was a "pretty rough" script.

“When I reread it I wasn't exactly glowing with pride – but Al and the staff did their magic on it,” he said.

The producer and writer of famous shows such as Freaks and Greeks and Girls, Apatow also voiced his own character on The Simpsons a year ago.

The Simpsons is the longest running American animated TV series, currently in its 26th season.

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