Walking Dead Stores Want Your Blood

Do you have enough blood to get all the stuff you want?

Hats off to FOX Portugal! They decided “If you want blood, you got it!” and set up The Walking Dead Blood Store where the currency is… blood.

FOX Portugal launched a Walking Dead official merchandise “pop-up store” where fans had to pay in blood, quite literally. Aficionados of TWD could get as much as they wanted, of whatever they wanted, as long as their blood milliliters corresponded with the purchases.

This mastermind of a strategy was first launched for the beginning of The Walking Dead’s fourth season. The TV network joined forces with The Portuguese National Blood Bank Institute. It was a colossal success - indeed, the figures talk for themselves. The shop saw a 571% surge in blood donations with 67% of those donors donating for the first time in their lives.

It sounds like a pretty sweet arrangement. It’s a genuine win-win situation. You get all this cool TWD stuff and you end up feeling good about yourself.

So you’re probably wallowing in self-pity if you don’t live in Portugal. Chances are you don’t. But, wait! Turn that frown upside down, for there’s a good chance one of these stores might be coming near you. The pop-up stores are coming to the US, Spain, the Netherlands, Turkey, Brazil, Argentina and Columbia.

It’s a great cause and we’re sure you’re more than willing to donate some blood in the name of The Walking Dead.

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