These 11 Hotties Will Make You Look Forward To Aging

July 11, 2014: When it comes to hair color, white is right!

Just as with other physical signs of aging like male pattern baldness, graying hair, can take a toll on a person’s confidence. This is mostly because society looks upon growing old negatively and visible traces of it are proof for the world to see what were most vulnerable about.

While it's only natural to experience getting older, which often comes along with global perceptions of waning attractiveness, there are men who prove that a little bit of salt and pepper never hurt anyone. In fact, the way they carry themselves with it only enhances their grace and handsomeness, making them appear dignified and simply just sexy.

These seven swoon-worthy celebrities would make others wish for some gray in their life.

George Clooney

George Clooney is now 53 but his hair has been silver for a long time. He got engaged to a hot Lebanese lawyer a few months ago. It proves that whether it's gray, black, blue or white, handsome stays handsome.


Matt LeBlanc

After his short-lived sitcom "Joey" got canceled in 2006, Matt LeBlanc disappeared from public view. When he ended his five-year TV hiatus in 2011, his entire set of hair was white. It turns out he had been dying it black as far back as during his "Friends" days. We think his new, natural look makes him look even better.


Robin van Persie

Dutch football player Robin van Persie has only just entered his 30s but still has more than his fair share of gray hair. His wonder goal at the World Cup 2014 proves his deteriorating hair follicles aren’t causing any harm to his ability on the field, or his sex appeal.


Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is a bit unruly when it comes to maintaining himself. He often shows up at Hollywood events with white peeking from his beard and hair.


Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler's white shows that no one can get away from aging. Well, he certainly can’t get away from looking great either.


Jose Mourinho

Chelsea FC manager Jose Mourinho is one of the smartest coaches in world football – both aesthetically as well as mentally. His gray crown just adds to his sharpness.


Hugh Grant

Every year, British actor Hugh Grant's peers get older, while he gets more and more awesome. Shades of gray in on his crown have never been a problem for this 53-year-old.


Pierce Brosnan

Gray hair doesn't bother the former 007.


Richard Gere

Nor is it a concern for Richard Gere, who it seems was born gray-haired.


Craig Ferguson

The late night talk show host is funny as well as completely at ease with all the white on his hair.


Jim Caviezel

"The Passion of the Christ" star has no interest in dyeing his hair black on a regular basis unless it's a requirement for his movies.

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