These Are The Actresses That Should Play The Disney Princesses

You know you've thought about it. You probably have a list somewhere of your favorite actresses and what color they'd have to dye their hair to play your favorite Disney princess. Well, here's our list.

Indonesian artist and graphic designer Thomas Kurniawan doesn't just have thoughts as to which actress should play what Disney character—he's made posters, too! And they're ready to grace any and every wall, and make our headcanons come true.

Because a real-life happily-ever-after is Emma Watson playing Belle. Obviously.

Take a look at Kurniawan's extraordinary work, along with our top suggestions for Disney royalty casting.

Snow White

Kurniawan's suggestion: Katy Perry

Our suggestion: Liv Tyler


Kurniawan's suggestion: Taylor Swift

Our suggestion: Taylor Swift. 

Aurora/Sleeping Beauty

Kurniawan's suggestion: Dianna Agron

Our suggestion: If not Agron, then Amanda Seyfried

Ariel/The Little Mermaid

Kurniawan's suggestion: Emma Watson

Our suggestion: Emma Watson is a Belle. Anna Kendrick is our Ariel.

Belle/Beauty and the Beast

Kurniawan's suggestion: Lily Collins

Our suggestion: Emma Watson. Hands down.


Kurniawan's suggestion: Gal Gadot

Our suggestion: Freida Pinto!


Kurniawan's suggestion: Naya Rivera

Our suggestion: Tanaya Beatty


Kurniawan's suggestion: Tang Wei

Our suggestion: Jamie Chung. She already plays Mulan on Once Upon A Time, after all!

Tiana/The Princess and The Frog

Kurniawan's suggestion: Alicia Keys

Our suggestion: Meagan Good


Kurniawan's suggestion: Hayden Panetierre

Our suggestion: Chloe Grace Moretz


Kurniawan's suggestion: Amanda Seyfried

Our suggestion: Jennifer Lawrence. Irreverent, and already knows how to use a bow and arrow.

Honorary Disney princesses:

Elsa/Frozen (technically a Queen)

Kurniawan's suggestion:  Scarlet Johansson 

Our suggestion: Natalie Dormer. She rocks the side smile.


Kurniawan's suggestion: Melissa Benoist

Our suggestion: Elizabeth Olsen. She can generate the requisite excitability.

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