These Are The Top 10 Dance Crazes You Love To Hate

The moves might change, but the concept is still the same. Fad Dances old and new have annoyed us all, but we just can't let them go.

We’ve all been to those family gatherings, high-school dances, parties or clubs when a certain song comes on that’s associated with one of those ridiculous fad dances and everyone around goes crazy!

Adults and kids alike all know the dance and everyone thinks that their rendition of it is the best.

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Meanwhile -- us normal people who recognize when to just let it go --  are standing in a corner rolling our eyes in irritation and refusing to participate in the group dance session.

But, eventually the catchy tune of the song and the camaraderie amongst everyone in the room doing all the same moves and singing the lyrics draws us in and we can’t resist getting in on the action!

Fad dances have gone back as far as the 1920’s with the “Jitterbug” and the “Charleston” and have expanded to just about every genre of music including the "cha-cha-cha" derived from Latin culture and the "mashed potato" popularized by James Brown and funk music in the 60’s.

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There's a fad dance for every generation and they just keep on coming; getting more repetitive and more ridiculous along the way.

Check out the top 10 dance crazes that you wish would disappear forever, but secretly love doing. 

1) The Macarena 

Macarena  Dance

Beside the fact that no one really knows the words to the Macarena, it is ridiculously repetitive ... but then, so are most of these kind of dances. 

2) The YMCA

YMCA Dance

Why are we making letter shapes with our arms and calling it dancing?

 3) Jump On It

This dance -- popularized by  an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air in the 90's -- was meant to be laughed at and joked about but instead became one of the most irresistible dance crazes of them all.  

 4) The Electric Slide

Electric Slide Dance

Long before the "Cha Cha Slide" and the "Cupid Shuffle" was the ultimate wedding line dance, The Electric Slide. Despite all the newer line dances that have come out over the years, the original just won't die... 

 5) Tootsie Roll

"Cotton candy, sweet n' low, let me see that tootsie roll!" Does anyone even know who sings that song? And what do all these sweet, sugary references have to do with my legs twisting around? 

 6) Cha Cha Slide

Cha Cha Slide Dance

I'm not really big on people telling me what to do...The Cha Cha Slide is just way too demanding! What If I don't want to slide to the left? 

 7) Crank That Soulja Boy

The Soulja Boy dance was actually pretty intricate -- still repetitive -- but required a little more rhythm and skill than the average fad dance. But the whole movement just went way too far...people were "cranking" everything in 2007! 

8) Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style Dance


9) The Dougie

Dougie Dance

I'm pretty sure even California Swag District is tired of teaching people how to Dougie. Let it go, we all know how to do it by now! 

 10) Whip/Nae Nae 

Nae Nae Dance

This latest and most obnoxious dance craze derived from the song "Watch Me," combines a whole three minutes worth of fad dances including the "Nae Nae," "Stanky Leg," and the "Super Man" into one big, annoying mess. 

I can't wait to see what new dances will come about in future years! Well, actually... I can wait ... because we're not even over the old ones yet. 

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