These Extraordinary Flash Mobs Will Make You Want To Get Up And Dance

From dancing elves in a town square to random, outdoor pillow flights, these flash mobs are surprisingly entertaining and sure to lift your spirits!

Not all flash mobs are built alike. Sure, the surprise is always fun, but when you have a bunch of dancing elves in a town square, it's hard to top. 

Flash mobs are typically meant simply to entertain, but every now and then these well-choreographed shenanigans can send a heartwarming message.

We have collected the crazies, kookiest and downright hilariously creative flash mobs from the depths of the World Wide Web to showcase that wedding ceremonies, marriage proposals and even glorified game show hosts are not immune to the unexpected outburst of song and dance.

Hopefully this collection of vivacious choreography and positive energy will uplift your spirits and encourage you to live like you are in a musical! 

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