This Chinese Transgender Woman Is Growing Her Career

The people love her. There are no other stars like host Jin Xing-a transgender woman who is making history in China.

Jin Xing, China, Transgender

Jin Xing has had a long history of fame in her country. Recently, her popularity grew with her talk show, 'The Jin Xing Show'. Her show was honest, but brutal-and the people loved it. When describing her show, she says, "my words aren't like massage oil-they're like acupuncture needles."

Now, Jin Xing is stepping away from her comfort zone at her talk show as she gets prepared for her first live theater performance.

Although it's not quite a talk show, it isn't the first time Jin has been on stage. Prior to her surgery, which left one of her legs partially paralyzed, Jin was recognized as the best male dancer in China. It took a while to get back on her feet after her surgery, but now she is at it again.

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Jin Xing has had a lot of success her life, but has also faced a lot of criticism for who she is. 

In China, it is still not so easy to come out as transgender. However, with all her fame, she is fighting for herself and others to be who they are and go after their dreams.

Jin Xing still has many goals. Although she has done a variety of different things, she one day wants to be the 'Oprah Winfrey' of China. With a little more exposure, she wants to become a politician, where she can help make a positive influence for her country.

Well, Jin, we have no doubt you'll do it!

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