This Fashion Show Featured Outfits Inspired By Deaf Students' Artwork

Cierra Bailey
The awesome outfits worn during this Albanian fashion show were created using drawings by young deaf students.

Just when you're about ready to give up on humanity someone, somewhere does something awesome to restore your hope.

A fashion show presented by the United Nations Development Programme in Albania last week featured clothes designed by kids … and not just any kids, but students from the Institute of Deaf Students In Tirana.

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The outfits showcased were based on drawings the kids had done. Each student got to walk the runway alongside the model rocking their art work.



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Some of the garments, made by Nurce, included wool and silk dresses, coats, purses and umbrellas.


The fashion show took place on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities which was created by the United Nations.

This year the fashion industry has taken some major strides in becoming a positive platform for people with disabilities, proving that high fashion can be inclusive and diverse.  

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Banner Photo Credit: Facebook/UNDP Albania