If You Missed The Emmys, This Is All You Need To See

The 2014 Emmy Awards sure had some weird things happening.

While the MTV Video Music Awards, VMAs, were considered slow this year, the 2014 Emmy awards proved itself as a clear winner for the most boring ever. With a lot of different acts jumbled up together, only a few managed to stand out. Nonetheless, the biggest night for television didn’t disappoint completely, largely thanks to these few people.

Sarah Silverman’s vape pen

Leave it to the crazy antics of Sarah Silverman to actually bring a vaporizer pen, aka pot pen, to the Emmy’s this year. Silverman seemed quite indifferent to the fact that she just exposed weed on live television and on the red carpet, too.

Bryan Cranston and Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ faux makeout

Reminiscing earlier in the show about when Louis-Dreyfus starred on "Seinfeld" and Cranston guest starred as her love interest, they kissed quite passionately at this year’s Emmy awards when Louis-Dreyfus won for "Veep." It felt staged, but the fact that it's Cranston made everyone enjoy it – quite a good night for this "Breaking Bad" star as his show took the most awards home.

Later, we find Cranston tracing his lips, post-kiss.

GIF: Bryan Cranston's post-kiss lip trace is magnificent on Twitpic

Gwen Stefani’s mispronunciation

That awkward moment when Gwen Stefani is presenting an award, but does not know how to pronounce the name of the person who won. When Stephen Colbert won his Emmy for "The Colbert Report," he might have expected his name would be said correctly. Unfortunately, he got Col-Bort.

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