Tina Fey Goes Next Level With Her Latest SNL Sarah Palin Impersonation

Amna Shoaib
Tina Fey reprises her role as Satan-worshippin’, children-sacrificin’, Trump-supportin’ Palin.

This weekend, Saturday Night Live triggered memories of an event America had mercifully blocked out: that of Sarah Palin talking to people.

Last week, (the real) Sarah Palin took to a Donald Trump rally, throwing her endorsement behind the GOP presidential candidate. She talked to right-wingers in a language that only they could understand, i.e. gibberish.

That made it an opportune time for Tina Fey to get back on the SNL stage as Palin, in all her sparkly jacket, rimless glasses glory. As Trump looked on approvingly, Palin channeled her inner Azalea.

Palin also lamented the kind of discriminatory behavior influential, white Americans were having to deal with, like being put in jail for something as trivial as committing a crime, referencing the Track Palin case.

Watch Fey nail it on SNL.