Tom Hanks Almost Ruined Forrest Gump. Then A Kid Saved The Day.

Forrest Gump almost sounded completely different from the character we love.

Every movie fan can hear Forrest Gump's slow Southern drawl as he recounts the historic moments of the 20th century.

But Tom Hanks didn't start out with Forrest's inflection. His screen test for "Forrest Gump" shows a character we never were introduced to -- a more mainstream accent and a rushed voice. Consider it the Bizaro Forrest.

Hanks has given credit to the "young Forrest" in the movie for helping him tap into the character. 

"I was afraid of any sort of accent," Hanks said. "... I told Bob [Zemeckis, the director], 'This is new turf for me, and I don’t know how to do this. I think the audience is going to hate us, like I’m doing Ken Berry in 'Mayberry RFD.'' Bob says, 'Look, you’ve just got to figure out a way of doing it.'"

So thank you, young Forrest (Michael Connor Humphreys), you saved Hanks from himself and gave us the Forrest we all know and love.


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