Michelle Obama Shows Jimmy Fallon And Will Ferrell That Working Out Isn’t So “Ew!”


Michelle Obama appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” during its premiere week.

The First Lady rocked the show in the popular “Ew!” skit, where she joined Jimmy Fallon, who was dressed as Sara the bored teenage girl, and celebrity guest Will Ferrell who played Stacy Wallace.

The three “girls” had a great time on set.

Some of the highlights include:

·         A rather awkward make out session between Ferrell and a Harry Styles poster.

·         A "shy faceoff," and a "triple hand hug" after which Michelle Obama schooled the two teenagers on healthy eating and exercising.

·         A dance party before they were interrupted by Sara's dorky stepdad, Gary.

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Watch the complete sketch in the video above. It’s as good as the “Mommy Dancing” performance from last year.

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