Fallon Reads The Funniest And Most Embarrassing Quotes From Moms

With Mother's Day around the corner, Fallon reads his favorite tweets with the hashtag #MomQuotes.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon sends hashtags every week, asking internet users to contribute their tweets based on a particular topic.

Since Mother’s Day is this Sunday, Fallon thought it’d be funny to have people share the most embarrassing yet hilarious stuff their moms say.

The hashtag #MomQuotes got thousands of replies and within 20 minutes of the first post on Twitter, it became a worldwide trending topic for a long time.

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Following are some of the most hilarious tweets Fallon included in the show:

“My mom meant to say butt dial but instead she said, “Grandma booty called me today.”

“My mom once said to a drive-thru cashier, “Are you ever afraid someone will reach in there and GETCHA??”

“After seeing an instant replay from a football game my mom said, “Oh my gosh! They did it again.”

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Jimmy Kimmel Live also did a segment on Mother’s Day on Thursday night and it was equally entertaining and hilarious.

From time to time, Kimmel asks the mothers of famous rappers to read the lyrics to their children's songs. This time around, YG’s mom recited the lyrics to his popular (and a little inappropriate) song "Toot it and Boot it."

Click here, to watch YG’s mother’s performance.

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