Jimmy Fallon Faces Channing Tatum in High Stakes Arm-Wrestling Match

Jimmy challenged Channing to an arm wrestling match, and it was awesome.

Channing Tatum was on the Tonight Show on Friday and host Jimmy Fallon challenged him to an arm-wrestling match.

As soon as they placed their elbows on the table, both the men started listing the things they would do after they win.

While Fallon promised to send his opponent a card every year on the anniversary of their arm-wrestling match that would simply read, “Happy Gradution, Debra”, Tatum said that after he won, he was going to officially change his name to “Dick Tugnuts”.

So, will Tatum be known as Dick Tugnuts henceforth? Find out in the video above.

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Tatum appeared on the Tonight Show to promote the launch of his latest movie '22 Jump Street' in which he stars alongside Jonah Hill who made headlines a week ago for using a homophobic slur against a photographer.

On Wednesday, reporters tried to bring up the controversy again when Hill and Tatum were getting ready for an appearance on The Colbert Report.

However, it was Tatum who took the flak:

"Look it's unfortunate. I think it's awkward for him obviously because I think people can tell that he didn't mean that. It was just a thing in a hateful moment when someone was being hateful to him and he said probably the most hateful thing that he could think of and not even thinking, it was unfortunate."

'22 Jump Street', which has so far received positive reviews, is set to begin its international roll-out this weekend.

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