Watching Cameron Diaz Play Roller Golf With Fallon Is A Treat

April, 24, 2014: Cameron Diaz plays roller golf with Jimmy Fallon on the “Tonight Show”.

Keeping in line with the tradition of asking his celebrity guests to perform the most unusually incredible tasks, Jimmy Fallon and Cameron Diaz played a rather unusual version of golf, wearing roller skates on The Tonight Show.

The two, dressed in lots of safety gear, stumbled around the Studio 6B in a race to sink their shot first. The special golf course also includes a ridiculously cute panda mascot that tries to distract the gorgeous actress from her goal.

Fallon has this tradition of inventing the funniest and most exciting games for his celebrity guests. Ever since he took over the Tonight Show in February this year, it seems his ideas are getting better by the day.

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For example, he played a game of sticky balls with actor Daniel Radcliffe, wearing Velcro-suits. When Bill Cosby appeared on his show, the host asked the 76-year-old comic legend to walk on a tightrope across the studios. In order to make the task difficult and challenging for the 76-year-old unsuspecting Cosby, Fallon jumped on his back and covered his eyes.

You can watch the world’s first ever game of “roller golf” in the video above and find out if Cameron Diaz manages to tackle the giant panda and beats Jimmy Fallon to win the race .

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