Tony Awards 2013: Opening Number By Neil Patrick Harris (VIDEO)

This was undoubtedly one of the best openings in Tony Awards history!

Neil Patrick Harris opened the Tony Awards 2013 held at Radio City Music Hall on Sunday, promising a ‘bigger’ shower than ever before.

Mike Tyson also joined the 39-year-old actor and comedian on stage during his performance. And there was of course a pretty awesome magic trick as well.

NPH is seriously the best host ever!

Here’s what people are talking about his epic performance:


NPH should host all the awards.


he's incredibly talented





Wow that magic trick really caught me off guard. I thought he was mixed in with one of the boys who were pushing the box. To appear behind the audience in such a small time is incredible. The ending is quite stunning and to get a standing ovation from a crowd that is made with experts of the industry is quite something spectacular.

And here’s the gif:

I know it’s a little too tiny for a gif but still it’s cool!

Enjoy NPH’s epic opening number at Tony Awards 2013 in the video above. Bottom of Form

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