10 Music Videos That Got It All Wrong

Robin Thicke’s is so obsessed with winning back his estranged wife that his new video is rather creepy. In honor of the horror you'll go through watching the video, here are nine others that give you the shivers.

Let’s start with Thicke’s video itself:

Get Her Back- Robin Thicke

Controversial Videos

Thicke’s wife Paula Patton left him for his infidelity and he wants to win her back. However, if the best the singer can do is get up close to the camera lens and show her personal messages on screen, something tells us she ain't returning anytime soon. Whoever gave Thicke the idea (including his own mind) is no friend of his.


Jessie J — “Do It Like A Dude”

Controversial Videos

The song is so ridiculous that it banks on creepy. Simply put, Jessie J wants to “Do it like a dude.” Contrary to the simplicity of lyrics like, "look at me I’m a woman and I can do it just as good as all of you guys,” it’s disturbing to see Jessie J trying to act all alpha male in a room full of women. What’s more, she acts and looks pretty feminine while doing so, mixing up the vibe even more.

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Nine Inch Nails — “Closer”

Controversial Videos

The abundance of bugs, crucified monkeys, toilets, random nudity, random floating and pig head machine contraptions creeps out the viewer to the extent that they hardly pay any attention to the music itself.


Robbie Williams — “Rock DJ”

Controversial Videos

Words can’t describe this song but surely anyone watching a music video does NOT plan to see the singer rip off his skin and let the models eat it. It simply grosses us all out. What were they thinking?


Miley Cyrus — "Wrecking Ball"

Controversial Videos

It’s not a bad song to listen to, but watching the video can be an eyesore. Miley’s been nothing but controversial these past few months. The extremely provocative connotations and a high level of nudity in the video do not sit well with the viewer.

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Pearl Jam — "Jeremy"

Controversial Videos

Pearl Jam’s controversial number is based on the real story of a boy who killed himself in front of his sophomore class at school. In 1992, the culture of gun violence and tragic school killings was not the norm. But even then, the video was disturbing to watch, especially when Jeremy puts a gun in his mouth and the video goes black. The next shot is of his terrified classmates, completely still and covered in blood.

What’s more, almost two decades later, the song seems eerily prophetic.


Marilyn Manson — "Coma White"

Controversial Videos

The video features a reenactment of the JFK assassination. Also, the timing of the release couldn’t have been worse as it was launched in September 1999, just two months after the death of JFK Jr.

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Eminem — "Stan"

Controversial Videos

The video is obsessive, insane and full of violence. The version that survives is an edited one and cuts out footage of Stan's wife bound and gagged in his car, plus other moments too edgy for TV.


Madonna — "Like a Prayer"

Controversial Videos

Madonna and controversy are synonymous but this video is from way back in 1989. Imagine how shocking it was to have her come out with a video that flirted with taboos like having sex with a man on a church pew and singing in front of a field of burning crosses.

The song created such a great controversy that the pope actually declared that Madonna could not set foot in Italy.

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M.I.A. — “Born Free”

Controversial Videos

M.I.A., like Madonna, is no stranger to controversy, but this video took the cake. The nine-minute video shows a number of youth being rounded up by American soldiers, transported to a rural site full of landmines and being forced to run for their life until they eventually step on a mine or are shot.

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