Top 10 Most Hated Celebrities

Is there a celebrity that makes you cringe? See if they made this list!

They're rich. They're famous. They're HATED!  It's time for RadarOnline's Most Hated Celeb list. 

E-Poll asked people how much they like a particular celebrity on a six-point scale, which ranged from “like a lot” to “dislike a lot.”  The resulting percentage is the number of respondents who indicated they either “like” a celebrity or “like a celebrity a lot.” Those with a low percentage make the list.

Did some of these celebs surprise you? (Where's Bieber? No Kardashians?)  Roll out the red carpet and check out the top 10! 

1) Scoring only 39% likability, Sean Penn is the first place loser on the on the likability scale. (Did the hate start with his marriage to Madonna?)

2) High School Musical's hottie Zac Efron? Not so hot with only 41 percent likability.

3) Say it isn't so! Gladiator star Joaquin Phoenix makes the list. 

4) Dark-haired Spanish beauty Penelope Cruz only scored 49% likeability.

5) Who? We had to Google Jessica Chastain! She's the red-headed Zero Dark Thirty star with only 50% likeability

6) Tyler Perry ties with Chastain. Maybe Madea isn't as popular as she seems? 

7) But she's a humanitarian! And beautiful! That doesn't matter - Brad Pitt's wife didn’t score that high on this poll! Maybe Jennifer Aniston's fans are to blame? 

8) Another Gladiator star in the top 10! Sorry Russell Crowe, your likeability is just over 50%

9) People LOVE Twilight but not Kristen Stewart. Maybe because she's a cheater? 

10) Who doesn't like Spiderman? The public! Spiderman star Andrew Garfield has only 54% likeability and rounds out the top ten.  

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