You Wish You Had A Best Friend Like These

Every so often, TV cranks out some awesome content that sticks with us for life. But what do we often remember the most? The characters. More specifically, we look on with jealousy as we wish that we had a best friend as great as these characters.

Every so often, TV cranks out some awesome content that sticks with us for life. But what do we often remember the most? The characters.

More specifically, we look on with jealousy as we wish that we had a best friend as great as these characters.

10. Christopher "Turk" Turk- Scrubs

Eagle! The relationship between Turk and J.D. is essentially the epitome of “bromance.” Having been together since college, the two are a nice combination of intelligence and childhood wonder that brought a fun dynamic to the show. Even his wife Carla had to admit that Turk loved J.D. about the same amount that he loved her. In the end, “it’s guy love between two guys.”

9. Ethel Mertz- I Love Lucy

It’s not easy to be a good friend even in the best of situations. But what about when your best friend keeps leading you into various crazy (and likely illegal) hijinks? Ethel hangs in there like a trooper, taking Lucy’s antics in stride (usually), helping her in whatever ways she can. Is the character a bit sexist? Absolutely. But that doesn’t change the fact that viewers could believe that if they had Ethel as a friend, she would go to any lengths to help them in their adventures.

8. Monica Geller- Friends

Let’s be honest: although the character has some redeeming moments, Rachel (played by Jennifer Aniston) was often the most annoyingly troubled character on television. She always seemed to have something happening, causing her to break down. Who was always there to pick up the pieces (no, not Ross)? Monica. She knew when to listen and when to advise. When to console and when to give a swift kick in the rear end. But what do you expect from a show called “Friends?”

7. Joey Gladstone- Full House

I know what you’re thinking: “cut-it-out.” Sure Joey doesn’t take very many things seriously, but he steps up when he needs to. It takes a lot to move in with your best friend to help him raise his daughters. At some point, it definitely became a convenience, but he was always there to help out in whatever way he could. Plus, you gotta respect a guy that willingly came in to help change poopy diapers.

6. Marshall Eriksen- How I Met Your Mother

Lawyered! Rooming with Ted since college, Marshall brings a lot to the HIMYM ensemble. While Barney represents freedom and adventure, Marshall brings reality and comfort. Sure he has problems, but for the most part, he has settled down in a way that you hope to one day (even if it isn’t with another person). His positive influence and his wiliness to meet Ted at McClaren’s at a moment’s notice makes him the great friend that he is.

5. Chandler Bing- Friends

Providing various forms of support to his best friend and roommate, Joey, Chandler slowly became the best friend that everyone hopes for. He occasionally freak out, but for the most part, he was a calm (relatively speaking) and collected friend that was there to anchor Joey to reality. Also, more times than not, he recognized his own flaws and saw what his friends had to offer. While this isn’t necessarily a rare trait, it is certainly an admirable one that was effectively brought to the screen.

4. Burton “Gus” Guster- Psych

Known by countless other aliases, including MC Clap Yo Handz and Gus T.T. Showbiz (we hear the extra “T” is for extra talent), Gus should get a medal for how much he puts up with in a given episode of Psych. Abrasiveness is one thing, but when your partner refuses to grow up, even in the most serious of situations, things can get a bit rough. Combine this with the fact that he keeps “borrowing” your company car and altering it in ridiculous ways, and it’s a wonder that Gus hasn’t found himself behind bars for the heinous murder of Shawn yet. That said, Gus takes these things in stride, willing to not only follow Shawn into countless dangerous situations, but also play the fool on a reoccurring basis to help him out.

3. Amy Pond- Doctor Who

While hanging out and having heart-to-hearts are certainly valuable, it’s hard to beat having adventures through time and space. Having known her for the vast majority of her life, The Doctor’s relationship with Amy is incredibly complex. Although they teased a possible romantic connection early on in the character’s tenure (thank the Time Lords they didn’t follow through—we didn’t need another Martha), the friendship was well-developed later on, providing the idea that these people genuinely cared for one another in a platonic manner.

2. Shawn Hunter- Boy Meets World

Poor Shawn. There are very few characters in any media that has taken as much abuse as this guy. But no matter what he was going through, he was always there to help his best friend Cory. Sure they had some fights over the years, but what friends don’t? Also, how many of you can say that your best friend is still your best friend in several different timelines? From World War II, to the Happy Days-esque 50’s, Shawn (or “Shawnzie”) was there.

1. John Watson- Sherlock

Sure the series takes longer breaks than most people at the gym, but the question you have to ask yourself is, could you put up with a friend like Sherlock for that long? From constantly being put in danger, to having his feeling misled, there’s no denying that John endures quite a bit. While you could argue that he is getting some thrill out of the relationship, his loyalty and unhesitant companionship earns him the top spot on our list.

Think we missed some fantastic friends on our list? Let us know who you think are TV's top best friends in the comment section below!

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