The Most-Liked Photos Of Famous People On Instagram - Ever

Yeah, yeah, Kimye couldn’t even #BreakTheInternet, even though they tried to.

Instagram launched just four years ago in October 2010 with a picture of a dog (obviously), but it’s now the most popular photo sharing website. As of November 2014, it rules the Web with more than 20 billion images shared by its perpetually growing number of users.

Out of those bajillions of visuals, which ones do you think make the all-time most liked list?

1) Kimye (Like, DUH!)

kimye wedding top instagram

Photos of the super adorable North West just cannot compete with her diva parents. This was only uploaded by the bride 6 months ago, when Kim Kardashian married Kanye West at a la-dee-dah ceremony in Italy. And since then, its been liked over 2.4 million times – how does a person handle that many notifications? Guess it’s just another day for Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

2) Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

justin selena top instagram

This was uploaded 3 months ago by the Canadian popstar and has achieved 1.8 million likes. Although, it’s no surprise because last year, Bieber made headlines with his shirtless picture alongside Will Smith. His baby pictures also happen to be popular.

3) Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus

miley ariana grande top instagram


This photo uploaded by Ariana Grande of herself and Miley Cyrus is the third most popular, with 1.8 million likes. But even when the famous pop star parties at what she describes as #myfriendsplace, she will still only show one side of her face. What’s up with that?

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4) Beyonce

beyonce top instagram

Surprisingly, it wasn’t her post about feminism, or the many photos from the recent Solange Knowles wedding, or any of the power couple duo of herself with husband Jay Z that set the mark for her most liked photo. It is, instead, a classic photo of Beyoncé with her daughter, Blue Ivy, dressed as “Janet and MJ” for Halloween. 1.6 million Instagram users like the idea of Beyoncé’s stardom crossing over with the pop royalty, in a lovely family moment.

5) That Oscar Selfie
oscar selfie instagram top

Ellen DeGeneres took a selfie that would soon inspire all the other selfies to come: the Oscar selfie. Taken at this year’s Academy Awards, it has since been liked 1.3 million times. So groundbreaking it was, it allegedly broke Twitter.

(At this point, Kim’s post of her Paper Magazine’s #BreakTheInternet hasn’t even crossed over the million mark.)

And lastly, because we’re talking about the Internet, honorable mention goes to a non-human.

6) A Cat named Nala

Nala the cat is a cross-eyed result of a Tabby and a Siamese, who was rescued from a shelter four years ago. She has 1.7 million followers on Instagram, so it’s no surprise that one of her most liked photographs is one of her as a kitten.

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