Top Five Reasons Why Justin Bieber Is Always In The News (PHOTOS)

Justin Bieber is a star. He is one because he got famous, rich, popular and rich almost at the speed of light.

Justin Bieber is a star. He is one because he got famous, rich, popular and rich almost at the speed of light.

I would reserve my comments as far as his singing is concerned because I certainly do not want to be included in the list of cyber bullies. Therefore, as much as I want to comment on his (alleged) talent, let’s just focus today on why he is always in the news.

Is it because he is rich? Is it because people hate him so much that they want to talk about him all the time or is it because people think they are better singers than him? Of course not! He is in the news because he is ‘in the news’. I hope the reason I just mentioned was acceptable by both fanatical Beliebers and the rest of the world.

Let’s get serious. Following is a list of top five reasons why JB is usually in the news for:

1-    Hair/Hairstyles:

It’s true. His hairstyles are so much popular that they are a little less popular than his haters. Imagine! When he was a little kid and used to sing songs about girls moving out of their boyfriends’ houses (One Less Lonely Girl), his hairstyle was copied by almost everyone. And by everyone I mean his hardcore fangirls and little kids like the singer himself. Don’t get confused. Move on to the next reason please.

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Justin Bieber

2-    Sounds That He Produces With His Voice:

Justin Bieber

It’s basically what he does. He uses his voice and produces sounds that become sensational hits! Each time he does that he gets more popular, makes news and gets even richer. Examples of this are Baby, Never Let You Go, U Smile, One Less Lonely Girl and many more. He even made a couple (or more) albums out of these sounds. Isn’t he just amazing? And now that he is all-grown up, his coming-of-age sounds also make news and trend for weeks. The most notable example is Boyfriend. People couldn’t help but notice that he officially became an adult.

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3-    Girls/ Girlfriend:

Justin Bieber and selena

People just love watching Bieber’s videos. They watch it over and over again because the girls who feature with him are usually (a lot taller) beautiful and very attractive. Check out his videos on YouTube and you’d not only curse me for that but you’d also understand what I mean. He was recently in the news because of his breakup with former Disney Channel actress Selena Gomez. He also makes news because of girls who want/wish/fantasize to be his girlfriend and the mother of his love child. Creepy isn’t it?

4-    Paparazzi:

All rich and famous celebrities hate paparazzi. Not that the paparazzi love those celebrities, it’s just that they sell news more than ordinary, less rich and famous celebs. Justin Bieber has a very bitter relationship with the paparazzi. Criminal charges were filed against a paparazzo who pursued the teen pop star at high speed on a Los Angeles freeway in November 2012. More recently, a photographer was killed in California while attempting to shoot photos of JB's Ferrari.  

5-    Twitter Followers:       

justin bieber

Whether it is about teenage girls fighting with each other over Bieber’s virtual attention or JB himself doing it the other way round, it makes news. He has a lot of invisible online followers by the way so if you are a hater, back off! In May, 2011 he reached to 10 million followers on Twitter and only this year in January, he became the King of Twitter, leaving Lady Gaga behind. 

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So this was the list of top five reasons why YOUR favorite Justin Bieber never ever leaves the news. But of course this isn’t the complete list. Actually, it will never be completed because Bieber will continue to provide us with reasons for as long as he wishes to stay in the news.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did while putting it together.

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