Top Five Worst New Series of 2013

It's unavoidable. Every year we get a long list of new shows to choose from, slowly weeding out the freshest picks in the first few weeks.

In a season that has brought us new DVR musts, like The Blacklist and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., we have also seen some real stinkers.


Here's the top picks for the WORST new series of 2013.


5. Dracula


This big budget piece of eye candy successfully snagged the attention of its viewers, shamelessly capitalizing on the current popularity of vampires. While there is no denying the sheer production value of the series, it all seems to be for nothing as the characters remain wooden and dull. Simply put, Dracula lacks any bite (see what I did there?).

4. The Goldbergs


It was only a matter of time before audiences got a new sitcom based in the 80’s. It’s just a shame that it had to be The Goldbergs. While its context and frequent references to 80’s pop culture might be enough to inspire some laughs, the setting should never be the funniest part of a series.


3. The Crazy Ones


With both Robin Williams and Michael J. Fox returning to television this year, viewers had much to look forward. Unfortunately, while the latter’s series brings a genuine charm and appeal, The Crazy Ones suffers from a lack of coherence, subpar character development, and a surprisingly unfunny Robin Williams. This series proved beyond a doubt that simply having funny and charismatic people and putting them on the screen is not enough to carry an entire series (though it helps).


2. Sean Saves the World


Similar to The Crazy Ones, this one relies heavily on the comedic value of its leading man. While Sean Hayes certainly has a charm and inviting humor about him, Sean Saves the World lacks originality and direction. Sean might be able to save the day, but he definitely can’t (and doesn't) save the series.


1. The Tomorrow People


After the roaring success that was Arrow, it seemed that The CW was ready to trek back into the superpower realm. Unfortunately, unlike Arrow, The Tomorrow People is missing any sense of tension or originality. Rather than providing a new or intriguing take on the sci-fi genre, The Tomorrow People seems content borrowing and sloppily piecing together parts of other, better works.


Disagree with our list or think that we missed a truly rotten addition? Let us know your top (bottom?) picks in the comment section below!


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