From Cocaine To Crack And Booze, Rob Ford’s New Game Has It All

Rob Ford's antics have inspired a free video game.

Since assuming office in 2010, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has done a series of crazy things that you'd normally associate with a rapper out of Detroit rather than a seasoned politician.

In the past three years, the Canadian has hung out with known criminals, gone on drinking binges, smoked crack, injected cocaine, urinated in public, held 'wild parties,' and the list goes on.  

But the man whose badassery has earned him more fame than any city mayor ever, has now earned another distinction.  He is the inspiration behind a new video game titled Rob Ford: The Game.

The Super Mario-styled freeware revolves around a Rob Ford character whose aim is to collect as many booze, crack and marijuana points as possible, while killing policemen and reporters by jumping over them. Of course, the cops are the party poopers who make our cool Rob drop his party points.

When the player's public opinion – just a fancy term for the 50-second timer – plummets to zero, the game ends with the message:

"You've Been Impeached!"

Unfortunately, this is where the game deviates from reality because last time we checked; Ford was nowhere near getting impeached. He, in fact, is running for a second term in office, which, considering his incredible luck wouldn't be a surprise if he ends up winning.

Getting back to the topic, the game in question is created by two developers from the University of Waterloo, and they've used a simple HTML5 engine. The game is available for all to play for free on

While this HTML version is nice, what the gamers would truly love is this:

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