Trump Lurks Behind Hillary Like 'Jaws' On SNL

Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump hilariously lurks behind Hillary Clinton like he's about to bite her head off.

Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon channeled their inner presidential candidates once again for "Saturday Night Live," and this time the out-of-control second debate was in the crosshairs.

Baldwin has already totally stolen the show playing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump every week this season of SNL, and he and Kate McKinnon, playing Hillary Clinton, totally had us busting a gut yet again.

This week’s SNL cold open was a re-creation of the second presidential debate between Trump and Clinton. McKinnon's Clinton was robotic with rehearsed responses, while Baldwin’s Trump followed Clinton around the stage with the “Jaws” theme playing. He lurked and lurked and lurked, just like the real Trump did to Clinton during the town hall-style debate, and then jumped up to attack her like the shark in "Jaws."

Well, there's just one thing we can say after watching this: Good luck, America.


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