Twilight Star Bronson Pelletier Urinates In Public At the Airport (VIDEO)

To pee or not to pee! Bronson Pelletier must have been really confused before allegedly relieving himself!

bronson pelletier

To pee or not to pee! Bronson Pelletiermust have been really confused before allegedly relieving himself!

Pelletier, who played a member of the wolf pack in the "Twilight" films was arrested in mid-December for public intoxication at Los Angeles International Airport and then supposedly proceeded to urinate at the terminal.

Now a YouTube video (NSFW) of the 26-year-old has surfaced committing the act in question! In the video, you can see an airport official trying to control Pelletier as he staggered around but the actor pulled down his zipper and started peeing. After Pelletier relieved himself police came in and arrested him.

bronson pelletier

The actor denied the urination allegations, claiming, and “No peeing, actually. Peeing did not happen."

The video is now out and Pelletier's refusals of the incident are useless! The footage flies in the face of the actor's stubborn denials that his "peeing" incident never occurred.

Pelletier arraignment is set for Jan. 7. If convicted, he could face up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

This is definitely a pretty embarrassing leak that people are going to remember for a longtime now!


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