Forget Selfies, Kimmel And Pharrel Invent The Twofie

The ultimate “twofie” battle between Kimmel and Pharrell has begun.

After selfies, “twofies” are all the rage nowadays.

The term, which was coined by Jimmy Kimmel this week, is used for self-portraits which include two people.

Kimmel and Oscar-nominated musician Pharrell Williams went out on Hollywood Boulevard to see which one of them could get the most Twofies as possible with random pedestrians in 30 seconds.

So, who won the Twofie shootout challenge in the end? Pharrell or Kimmel?

Find out the results in the video above and see if you can build your own record of twofies.

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Pharrell was nominated for the Academy Awards this year for the Best Original Song category for his single “Happy”, written for the animated movie Despicable Me 2.

The song has been ruling the music charts for more than a month now and is frequently billed as the biggest single of this year by leading news publications such as The Guardian.

Its visual presentation became equally popular when it was released as "the world's first 24 hour music video". 

However, last month, Pharrell’s credibility came into question when a 24-year-old singer and dancer from Brooklyn, Anne Marsen, alleged that the choreography and the concept behind the video was inspired from her short-film “Happy Girl Walk All Day Long”.

Despite striking similarities between the two videos, Pharrell’s representative and the singer himself denied taking any sort of inspiration from Marsen’s work, The Huffington Post reported on April 24.

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