Oh The Irony… U2 In Trouble For Recreating Wartime Scenes For Their Latest Music Video

Fresh from forcing their album upon all 500 million iTunes customers, U2 may have committed yet another blunder.

Irish rock band U2 is once again in trouble on social media, this time for recreating scenes of Northern Ireland's violent past on a Belfast street for the music video of their new single titled The Troubles.

The set created in the New Lodge area of North Belfast depicts the aftermath of a bomb blast, with debris, a burning car, dead bodies and the wounded scattered all over the place, which was a common occurring during the region's violent times, commonly known as The Troubles. This very area of the shoot was at the centre of violent clashes in the ‘70s, which is why refreshing those awful memories and basing it as the stage of their song hasn't gone down well with some locals.

The quartet is catching a lot of stick for it on Twitter, with some even accusing them of profiting from an event of human tragedy. Another popular objection is that the video would remind the world of Northern Ireland's dark history, making it more difficult for them to move on.

This isn't the first time that U2 has used the Troubles in its musical creations. Their 1983 hit song "Sunday Bloody Sunday" revolved entirely around the horror felt by an observer during those ethno-nationalist armed clashes. But while it made sense then –as the war was still going on then and needed awareness – it makes little sense to evoke those memories now, especially when things are settled after decades of war.

U2's likability hit an all-time low this year due to the promotional blunder of forcing their new album "Songs Of Innocence" into iTunes user account for free, but without the option of removing it. This is why sentiments like these for the formerly well-liked foursome are common on Twittersphere:

Hence, giving their already angry fans another reason to berate them should've been the last thing on their mind. Furthermore, the 2011 case of a Northern Irish farmer ordering pop star Rihanna off his land for showing too much skin should also have been fresh on U2's minds.

While it remains unclear when (or if) the video of U2's The Troubles will be released, its audio is available online. Enjoy (or suffer, if you're not a fan):

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