Usher Fights Himself In ‘Looking 4 Myself’ Samsung Short Film (VIDEO)


Many artists have dedicated their entire songs to advertising previously and now superstar Usher has followed the trend and used his title track from 2012 album ‘Looking 4 Myself’ as the theme to Samsung’s new short film.

The two minute video features Usher battling an alter-ego version of himself, the evil celebrity side, in some amazing Matrix-inspired fighting. 

The description of the video reads:

Inspired by Usher's latest single, "Looking 4 Myself," Samsung invites you to experience what motion control truly means. Using the power of Smart Interaction on a Samsung Smart TV, Usher faces an epic battle against a darker side of himself. He discovers that motion is so powerful that it defines what you see, hear and even what you feel. With the cutting-edge motion control technology in the 2013 Samsung Smart TV, you can bring this power home.

Usher while talking about the video said to

This gave me an opportunity to put a face to a song that I love. The short is about basically the two sides of my personality: the dichotomy of who I am as an entertainer, a relationship gone bad because of who I am as an entertainer. Here I am, in front of the television, kind of maneuvering through it in my apartment and my alter-ego shows up and we battle. We battle doing a series of uniquely created choreography that uses some of the movement that you use to operate the TV.

Watch the entire amazing Usher vs. Usher video above.

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