Vin Diesel Shares Awkward Dancing Video; Was He Stoned?


Vin Diesel is someone you associate with illegal car racing or antiheroic qualities, not because he is like that in real life but due to his movie. However, the actor is not really known for his dance movies.

Well, now he will be; may be not in a good way, but still. That’s because the 46-year-old action movie superstar has released an awkward homemade video on Facebook in which he dances to Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” and Beyonce’s “Drunken Love.”

In the middle of the video, he explains why he’s so stoked to his 63million fans on the social media website, saying: “Universal just called me and told me "Riddick" is number one on the DVD charts.”

So Vin, if you want to show your gratitude to the fans, say “thank you”. Don’t make a fool of yourself. 

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