Watch How John Oliver Takes On Supreme Court And Voting Rights Act (WATCH)


John Oliver is unhappy and he will tell you why! Supreme Court’s ruling that struck down an important provision of the Voting Rights Act sparked controversy all over the media and The Daily Show summer replacement host couldn’t help but voice his disapproval.

Oliver explained how the decision removed a key provision of the landmark Civil Rights bill that applied ‘strict scrutiny’ to states with histories of discrimination against minority voters, which included places like “Whitesylvania, Pale-afornia, Caucasiacut, Klansas and Mississippi.”

The host went on describing the ‘loophole’ if the ruling by saying, “Racially, things have got better in the South primarily because of things like, um, I don’t know, the Voting Rights Act of 1965. That’s the piece of legislation that has a hole in it the exact shape of John Roberts’ middle finger.

He said, “You might think it’s so old … when does the Justice Department ever need to protect minority voters by invoking Section 5? And the answer is basically never, if 'basically never' means 74 times since the year 2000.

Are you hearing SCOTUS?

But wait, there’s more. As evidence of his previous statement, John Oliver said that the Supreme Court in Texas passed on decision in less than two hours. He said, “Two hours! They couldn't even wait for two hours. .It takes Texas less time to disenfranchise minority voters than it takes for them to barbecue a pig!”

You can watch John Oliver’s take on Supreme Court’s controversial ruling in the video above and comment if you have the same opinion on it.

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