LeVar Burton's Emotional Reaction To Reading Rainbow's Return

Just take a look, it's in a book (and on Kickstarter), it's Reading Rainbow!

Good news, fellow 90s kids! Thanks to a Kickstarter campaign, Reading Rainbow is coming back. Someone was thoughtful enough to turn the cameras on when Reading Rainbow host Levar Burton saw the campaign edge past its million-dollar goal, and be thankful they did, because he's emotional reaction is priceless.

Burton has always been the show's biggest advocate and is one of the world's largest promoters of literacy and education programs for kids. He says in the video, "We are literally changing the world, one children's book at a time." Funds from this project will be used to Reading Rainbow's videos and books to kids everywhere for free.

And there's more good news, fellow fans. Even though the Reading Rainbow campaign hit its goal on its first day (!!), there's still plenty of time to donate so Reading Rainbow can reach even more kids. I know I did. It shouldn't be too expensive to learn, and kids should have access to these kinds of resources. We're lucky we've got a guy like Burton, who believes this, too.

[NY Daily News]

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