Watch Michael Keaton Put Away His Acceptance Speech After He Didn't Win The Oscar

It is a heartbreaking moment when Michael Keaton, who seems to have anticipated the won, realizes his loss and puts his speech in his pocket.

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Michael Keaton, known for his role as Batman and most recently in Birdman, was nominated for Best Actor in the 2015 Academy Awards. Apparently, it seems that he anticipated receiving the award in a heartbreaking moment captured. 

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As the names of the nominees were announced, Keaton actually had his pre-written acceptance speech in his hand. So when Eddie Redmayne was actually called as Best Actor for his role in The Theory of Everything, cameras caught Keaton putting his acceptance speech back into his pocket. 


Keaton did, however, applaud just as enthusiastically for Redmayne as anyone else and did not seem a poor sport about it. When the cast of Birdman gathered after winning Best Picture, Keaton said "It's great to be here -- who am I kidding?"

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Still, everyone is somewhat familiar with that moment. The moment of hope and disappointment. We feel you man. Here's to next time. 

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