Watch Nancy Grace And 2 Chainz Spar Over Pot Legalization

A hot debate over the legalization of pot was followed by a sizzling tweet.

This back and forth between journalist and rapper might just give you the munchies! 

Watch as conservative God-fearing Nancy Grace battles one of the dopest (see what I did there) and most respected rappers. 

The best parts of the video are his under the breath comments when Grace started her trademark yelling. "It wasn't even a joint", he muttered. "I know you hear me".  

2 Chainz argued that legalizing pot could reduce prison overcrowding and keep smokers from ruining their lives with criminal records. And, he made a pretty good argument that alcohol drinking comes with a giant pile of problems. 

Grace showed a video of a woman trying to get her child to smoke weed and asked the rapper to "think of the children." He shot back that those people were "obviously imbeciles" and not representative of the weed-smoking majority.  

The best part of this wacky encounter? Nancy tweeted an insult (claiming his Rolex watch wasn't real) but had to send it to his twitter handle which is "Tity Boi". 

2 Chains took the high road.

Bill O? Oh Boy! Set those DVRs!

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