Watch The Trailer For 'Dear White People'

The new trailer for Justin Simien's Sundance award-winning comedy "Dear White People."

Take a look at the concept trailer for Dear White People, a refreshing independent satirical film that deals with racial politics on campus. The filmmaker, Justin Simien, has attracted plenty of buzz since winning the Special Jury Prize for Breakthrough Talent at Sundance. Tired of the types of films he saw with predominantly black casts, Simien made his own. "[There] are more stories; there are other shades of black ... In our industry, there should be room for all kinds of stories because there's lots of people that are looking for themselves onscreen and they can't find themselves."

The concept trailer was enough to get him noticed on CNN last year, at which point Simien decided to go all-in, quit his job, and devote himself to his movie. Let's all be glad he did, because the trailer is a real delight.

Oh, and white people, before you see Simien's movie, he wants you to know that "you most definitely have permission to laugh."


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