Weird Al Yankovic Hands Lorde's 'Royals' The Foil Treatment

July 17, 2014: Three days and three master class spoofs of famous music videos. Weird Al Yankovic is definitely on fire.

"Weird Al" Yankovic has dropped his third straight music video in as many days – this time giving his trademark parody treatment to Lorde's smash hit song "Royals."

While the Kiwi singer's original tune revolved around her not caring for worldly wealth and glamour, Weird Al's rendition of the song is just weird. But if we have learned one thing from him, it's the weirder his musical offerings are, the better the song.

Using his satirical talents, he has turned "Royals" into an ode professing his love for "Foil" – aluminum foil that is. He starts off with how foil keep our sandwiches clean and secure from bacteria and fungus. He, however, takes it a little too far by adding aliens, the government and even the Illuminati to the list of things an aluminum foil can offer protection against.

His bizarre lyrics coupled with the visual make for one magnificent spoof video. It's probably the best one of all three videos he has released this week. Check it out up top.

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