Pre-Fame Katy Perry Is One You'll Fall In Love With

When Katy Perry hadn't been contaminated by pop culture, she was one cool cat.

Pop music, by design, is like slow poison for the real musician in an artist. Those who enter this industry have actual musical talent to begin with, but the demands for glitz and glam slowly turns them in an 'entertainer’ and the musician part is forgotten. Suddenly, how you appear and how you act on the stage counts more than whether you can sing or not.

Not many realize that, but this is exactly what happened to Katy Perry.

The "California Gurls" hit maker is known for the ever-changing colors of her hair and her glamor-rich persona, but she wasn't always like this.

Some raw footage of her from 13 years ago has popped up on video sharing site Vimeo in which she is Katy Perry but sans all the things that her critics don't like about her. This pre-fame KP is fresh-faced, real, and more importantly, displays some actual skills instead of simply lip-synching her performances.

This is the Katy Perry before pop music ruined her.

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