What Would The Disney Princesses Look Like Without Makeup?

What would the Disney princesses look like without makeup? Images show the princesses in a new light without all the glam proving barefaced can be just as stunning.

Long hair, red lips, big eyes — Disney princesses are renowned for their beauty, but what happens when the makeup comes off and reveals what their faces really look like? Buzzfeed’s Loryn Brantz imagined what these beauties would look like without the eyeliner and lip gloss to give us a realistic impression of the unnaturally beautiful princesses.

The result? The bare-faced beauties still drop jaws and prove that you don’t need makeup to be beautiful.


Pochantos without makeup


Belle without makeup


Elsa without makeup


Jasmine without makeup


Tiana without makeup

Our society often fixates on a woman’s appearance (unrealistic beauty standards and all), and that a woman’s natural beauty needs to be enhanced with illusionary makeup, flattering clothing and even cosmetic surgery. Instead of loving our bodies, girls are taught to hate and change themselves before they even hit puberty. And images of pops stars and princesses (meant to be role models) as thin, fashionable and  conventionally gorgeous don’t help to give girls the courage to embrace their true selves. By showing the Disney princesses in their true light says going makeup-free is okay there is more to a woman than her level of beauty. 

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