Why does Chris Pratt's son think he's a firefighter?

Chris Pratt joined Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show and explained why his son thinks he's a firefighter.

Chris Pratt joined Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show this week and reaffirmed that he is, in fact, the real life Parks and Rec character Andy Dwyer.

Fallon asked Pratt about his first job growing up. Pratt explained that as soon as he was old enough to work, his parents had him get a job. He proudly elaborated on his experience flipping burgers and working the drive-thru at the Viking Drive-in, his primary mode of transportation being rollerblading.

“I could rollerblade there,” Pratt said. “I rollerbladed everywhere as a kid!”

Apparently Pratt developed his beloved sense of humor at a young age when he would spend his shifts pranking customers.

“I would be hidden in the Viking drive-in over the intercom and I would mess with [customers],” Pratt said with a grin.

Pratt goes on to illustrate his Viking Drive-in horseplay, blowing his paycheck on burgers and explains why his son thinks he’s a firefighter. 

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