Why Is Everyone On Twitter Shouting 'Parklife!' at Russell Brand?

This is weird, even by Russell Brand’s standards.

Twitter users have been replying to controversial comedian Russell Brand's posts with the word "Parklife," a song by British rock band Blur.

It all started when Twitter user Dan Barker, no fan of Brand’s writing, tweeted:

The track has pompous-sounding lyrics always followed by Blur lead singer Damon Albarn shouting "Parklife."

No doubt Mr. Barker has taken a strong dislike to Brand’s book “Revolution” – which, like its author, is also not new to controversy.

Not only has his tweet gone viral over the last few days but people have taken his words way too seriously:





Though the trend may have caused some irritation for Brand, he has yet to show any visible reaction.

Not that others are waiting for his reaction to come:

Barker, on the other hand, is also pretty unremorseful:

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Now Russell Brand is not new to controversy or creating waves online – be  it his spat with Sean Hannity or his branding Fox News more dangerous than ISIS, the man knows how to get in the news for pretty controversial reasons.

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