Woman Reunited With Lost Love Letters Is A Scene Straight Out Of The Notebook

A girl finds love letters at a Goodwill and decides to find the rightful owner. Rose Hill, who was suffering from memory loss, is regaining long-lost moments from the stories in these love letters.

Rose Hill is going through the slow and painful process of memory loss. But thanks to the kindness of a stranger, she is going through an experience that is straight out of the movie The Notebook.Sara Redlich was working at Goodwill when she found a pile of letters addressed to Rose. She knew these letters shouldn’t be at the store and decided to

find the letters turned out to be detailed love letters that contained vibrant and exciting stories from Rose's past. Through the details in these love letters, Rose has been reunited with long lost memories. Moments that would have remained in the dark have now come back to life for Rose

love lettersFor the full story, check out the video below. 

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