Woman Who Found Her "Twin Stranger" Just Found Her Third Doppelganger

Niamh Geaney launched a search to find a stranger who looked just like her. She got more than she bargained for.

They say we all have a Doppelganger living somewhere across the globe, but most of us will never meet our "twin strangers."

Niamh Geaney has set herself the task of unearthing seven identical non-twins wherever they live in the world and she's now found her third doppelganger. Her name is Irene Adams and she's from Ireland, like Geaney. 

"I used to think I was reasonably unique, but I’m beginning to think I might not be quite as unusual as I thought!" she said.

Geaney traveled to Adams' home to meet her for the first time and was instantly struck by the resemblance. They couldn’t believe how alike they looked and the resemblance was uncanny. After they dressed alike and did their makeup, they surprised Irene’s sister. The weirdest thing was that Irene and Niamh look more alike than Irene and her own sister!

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Geaney set up Twinstrangers.net with two friends, Terence Manzanga and Harry English, in a bid to connect with people who look just like them. People like to say that everyone has seven doppelgangers somewhere on the planet, and Geaney believes she can track down all of hers.

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