WWE Auctions Allows You To Buy All the WWE Superstar Gear You Never Knew You Wanted

Get your credit cards ready to bid on some junk no one could ever want!!!

In the past, WWE Auctions was a favorite spot for internet wrestling fans. Whereas the WWE store has long been the place to go for WWE Superstar hats, shirts, and replica belts, WWE Auctions was once the place to go for insane crap that no one could possibly want. Unfortunately, the magic of WWE Auctions went away many years ago.


WWE Auctions is live yet again, and all the stupid junk you could ever want is on sale. For a mere 250 US Dollars, a SIGNED & WORN Bray Wyatt Hat can be yours! Don’t like that? Well then, can I interest you in a BUCKET AS USED BY RICARDO RODRIGUEZ ON RAW? If you look closely, you can still see the hustle, loyalty, and respect scraped off of John Cena’s head. 121 dollars will put you in the lead.

Can’t get enough John Cena torture memorabilia? For 120 dollars, place your bids on a signed piece of table that Ryback threw John Cena through on RAW! John Cena gets beaten up my mid-carders on RAW a lot, and now you can take home a piece of the action!

Also for sale are 300 dollar gloves worn by some guy who sucks, lots of cheap crap signed by people, and TOYS!

WWE auction has just recently returned, so it may take a while before the true stupid comes out.

Carbonated.TV will update you as details break on this explosive story.

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