WWE Fans Invade Ring And Fight Each Other At Smackdown Taping

The lengths some people will go to for their two minutes of fame.

WWE fans storm ring in London

The WWE troupe was at London's O2 arena to shoot Smackdown on Tuesday when something completely bizarre – even for WWE – happened.

The ring is where wrestlers are supposed to fight, but just before Tyson Kidd and Cesaro took on John Cena and Daniel Bryan for the tag team main event, a bunch of stupid fans decided to have a little action of their own.

With the wrestlers all set, at least six knuckleheads invaded the ring and fought each other in front of the cameras. One even proceeded to deliver a Rock Bottom on the other before running away. Others were apprehended by security and likely barred for life from entering another WWE event.

Apparently, the said fans were some sort of Internet pranksters who often pull such stunts for laughs and gags. Yeah, those are the worst kind. They were rightly booed off the ring.

Here's a different angle:

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