WWE Pays Emotional Tribute To Wrestling's Working Class Hero

Dusty Rhodes lived the American Dream and proved you don't need bulging biceps and six-packs to make it in the WWE.

Chances are you don't know much about recently deceased WWE legend Dusty Rhodes. And why would you? He wasn't a Hulk Hogan or the Rock or a John Cena – far from it.

His rotund belly, out-of-shape physique and below average looks meant he could never be one of those. Yet, he managed to become a lovable "face" wrestler who proved that one can achieve the American Dream with dedication and hard work.

One of the rare working class characters in the wrestling realm, Rhodes paved the way for a number of future wrestlers who didn't have the physique required to make it as a wrestler. Suffice to say, he made his mark on both wrestling as well as pop culture.

Rhodes passed away last week and WWE paid him an extremely emotional tribute before Sunday night's Money In The Bank PPV. Vince McMahon's promotion may not be what it once was, but it sure still knows how to say goodbye to the WWE's fallen heroes.

Watch the three-minute video above and learn what Rhodes was all about and why he meant so much to the wrestling world.

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