"Disrespected" Chelsea Fan Gets His Revenge, WWE-Style

Is disrespecting a Chelsea shirt an offense that warrants WWE-style beating?

Two girls learned the hard way not to "disrespect" the blue Chelsea soccer shirt after a superfun took offense. In retaliation, he performed finishing moves of some of the biggest WWE superstars on the poor girls – albeit in a swimming pool.

From the Undertaker's legendary chokeslam to Randy Orton's much meme-fied RKO and the Animal's powerful Bautista Bomb – the kid shows his entire repertoire of WWE moves. With Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler's commentary added to the homemade visuals, it makes for one fun video.

Some may jump to take offense because his victims are a pair of young girls, but it's clearly a video made by friends and it should be taken as such.

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