10 Mind-Blowing Photos Showing South Korea’s Obsession With Plastic Surgery

South Korea is a well-known hub for plastic surgery and with time, its surgeons have perfected the art to the extent that now certificates have to be issued to prove the patients’ identity.

No wonder South Koreans have the highest rate of going under the knife compared to any other country in the world. Locals as well as visitors from Asia and the rest of the world flock to Seoul to enhance or completely change their looks. Cosmetic surgery in the country is also cheaper than in other parts of the world and hence the ‘medical’ tourism.

In 2012, the country earned $453,000,000 just through tourists coming in for these procedures and

we are not just talking about Botox injections, collagen implants, eyebrow lifts and nose jobs.

The surgeons have honed their skills to the extent that it is sometimes difficult to recognize the person after a procedure and now it is necessary to issue certificates of identification, especially for the ones traveling abroad.  

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Here are some before and after images that will amaze you:

The kind of obsession Koreans have apparently developed with altering their looks borders on disturbing. According to a survey, one in five women in Seoul has had some type of procedure.

"My cousin had her nose and eyes done, my mom had her eyes done, and my aunts had noses and eyes done, all in Korea," Kim, a California-born Korean American said in an interview last year.

Kim, a teenager, already had a nose job and double eyelid surgery. She also wanted to get a V-line surgery that involved breaking and shaving her jawline to create a V-shaped face.

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Like other corrective and enhancing plastic surgeries, a procedure like this is painful and lengthy. The jaws are wired together for six weeks, and it can take six months for the swelling to disappear. However, that obviously doesn’t seem to pose a problem for someone looking forward to altering their looks.

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