These Instagram Accounts Will Never Let You Get Bored

Photo sharing site Instagram has changed the way we take our pictures. Here are 10 must-follow accounts to make your instagraming experience worth its while.

If you're tired of seeing the same old boring pictures of your friends, you need some new blood on your Instagram feed.

Follow these people and your Instagram feed will never be colorless or boring.



Who better to follow than the man himself? So follow POTUS and see what he's up to.




He may be the Chief Official White House Photographer but he is also an artist. Souza daringly captures President Obama and all that goes on in the White House with a unique angle.




As a National Geographic photographer, Ami Vitale's images are out of this world.


@Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick

One glance at Anna Kendrick's description of herself will tell you that she is doesn't take herself too seriously.  Her Instagram page is a fun assortment of sarcastic self-mockery and quick videos of the young star appearing surprised at her own fame.




There's nothing better than having Brandon Stanton's honest portraits of New Yorkers delivered directly to your Instagram feed. And because each shot is accompanied by an anecdote from his encounter with the people in his photos, it's easy to get carried away in one story after another.




This is food porn; pure and simple.




Fashion photographers Inez van Lamsweerde and VinoodhMatadinhave shot for everyone from brands like Gap and Balmain to stars like Prince and Lady Gaga. Follow their Instagram feed for a daily fix from two of fashion's most creative minds.




This photographer captures the urban landscape in a haunting series of mostly black-and-white Instagram pictures. His bio reads, "follow me into the dark," and over 200,000 already have.




Interested in makeup? There is no one else to follow but Tal Paleg whose makeup has artistry as well as magic in it.




If none of the abovecut it, this mocking and satirical take on all the Instagram clichés will keep you entertained.

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