10 Outrageously Expensive Food And Drinks That Will Blow Your Mind

Gold leaves, diamonds, caviar and white truffles – you name it, this list of food fit for royalty has it.

There’s luxury dining and then there is LUXURY dining. This is LUXURY dining.

Here are 10 of the most expensive food items from around the world.

The Cultured Beef Burger – $332,000

Expensive Food And Drinks

This may not look worth even a fraction of the $332,000 price tag and isn’t really out there to be gobbled down but it sure is something. Cultivated in a lab at the Maastricht University in the Netherlands, the 5-ounce Cultured Beef Burger was grown from stem cells by a Dutch scientist, Mark Post, and made with a little egg powder and breadcrumbs and a few other common burger ingredients. The pricey beef burger was part of a project funded by Sergey Brin, CEO and co-founder of Google, to promote animal welfare.

The Rox Diamond Cupcake – $150,000

Expensive Food And Drinks

This diamond studded pink treat was created to honor the annual Glam in the City event in Scotland by Rox and Cupcake Glasgow to celebrate their involvement in the festivities.

“Glam is going to be one of the biggest and most exciting events of the year in Scotland so we need to do something really glamorous to launch the occasion – what better way than teaming up with two of our exhibitors to create the world’s most expensive cupcake,” said Oli Norman, managing director of  PR company behind the event.

What greater way indeed.

Château d’Yquem – $118,000

An 1811 Château d’Yquem from the southern Bordeaux vineyards in France have been known to fetch a grand $118,000.

Unlike most white wines, Château d’Yquem can be stored almost indefinitely without spoiling. Wine Advocate’s Robert Parker rated the wine a perfect 100 points in 1995. The year 1811 is known as a “Comet Vintage” and winemakers and enthusiasts somewhat superstitiously attribute good characteristics to wine in the years where comets are visible from earth.

The Jewel of Pangaea- $26,000

Expensive Food And Drinks

What can we say? It comes with a diamond. Served in Pangaea, an exclusive club in Singapore, the drink carries a price tag around $26,000. Bartenders around the world may create expensive cocktails by throwing in a precious diamond in a martini, but the owners of Pangaea go a step ahead and created the drink around a Triple X 1-carat diamond by the super exclusive Switzerland-based jeweler Mouawad.

Frozen Haute Chocolate - $25,000

Expensive Food And Drinks

Fancy paying $25,000 for a dessert! Wouldn’t you rather buy a new car or invest in a college education?

Well, this isn’t just any fancy dessert. It is made from a blend of 28 cocoas from all around the world and is infused with 5 grams of edible 23-karat gold, topped with whipped cream, more gold and a side of La Madeline au Truffle from France with a price tag of $2,600/lb. What’s more, it’s served in a goblet lined with edible gold.

Oh, and it comes with souvenirs – an 18K gold bracelet with a carat’s worth of diamonds resting at the base of the goblet and a gold spoon set with white and chocolate-colored diamonds. 

Densuke Black Watermelon – $6,100

Expensive Food And Drinks

A Densuke black water melon weighing 17 pounds once went for $6,100.

Wait, what? A watermelon worth $6100?

Apparently black watermelons are rare items, especially the Densuke variety that is only grown in the island of Hokkaido in Japan. A harvest of these rare melons typically yields only a few dozen fruits. In addition, the Densuke melon’s taste and texture are just perfect.

Bombay Brassiere’s Samundari Khazana Curry – $3,200

Expensive Food And Drinks

No doubt this is the world’s most expensive curry. Bombay Brassiere’s curry dish fit for kings, queens and the emperors has Devon crab, white truffle, Beluga caviar in gold leaf, gold-coated Scottish lobsters, four abalones and four quail eggs filled with even more caviar. Whoa!

Saffron – $2,000/lb

Expensive Food And Drinks

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world. Imagine, it takes 75,000 dried filaments from the flower to make just one pound of saffron! No wonder a pound costs a whopping $,2000.

The Most Interesting Jam – $1,025

Produced by Jonathan Goldsmith, the legendary “Most Interesting Man in the World” was sold off on eBay for $1,025.

Why? Well, bored with the regular jams he went on a quest to create something worthy of the “Most Interesting Man in the World” and ended up creating, voila!, "The Most Interesting Jam in the World.”  

The jam has ingredients including gold dust, grasshoppers in Thai herbs, and Cuban oregano mixed with apples, sugar and apple cider vinegar.

Golden opulence sundae - $1,000

Expensive Food And Drinks

Serendipity 3’s $1,000 worth of golden opulence sundae is covered in 23-carat edible gold leaf and made from Tahitian vanilla ice cream infused with Madagascar vanilla beans and chunks of rare Chuao chocolate from Venezuela. No regular toppings for this beauty, it is topped with one of the world’s most expensive chocolates from Amedei Porcelana, and then adorned with candied fruits, gold covered almonds, chocolate truffles and marzipan cherries. 

We are not done yet – it is served with a dollop of sweet Grande Passion caviar served with a mother of pearl spoon and a gilded sugar flower. 

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