10 Things Women Want Men To Stop Doing Immediately

Nobody really knows what women want, but recently some of them came out on the internet and revealed what they would like men to stop doing now.

Someone on Reddit asked women what they would like men to stop doing right away. Here’s what they had to say:

Stop Sending X-Rated Photos


“STOP sending me d**kpics.. seriously. If I wanted to see it, I would have told you (I don't),” says LewisLuwi

A user peepjynx shared her solution for the losers who send such photos:

"I took the collection of d**k pics I've gotten over the years and turned them into a digital 'cock bouquet' and I would send them as a reply to any unsolicited d**k pics.”

Stop Reading Too Much In a Simple Dance


“Dancing near you is not an invitation for you to touch me without asking or to whisper sexual comments in my ear. If you want to dance with me, ask me. To my face, not from behind.”

Do Not Patronize


"Laugh and call me cute when I start getting angry and passionate about a subject I'm talking about. It degrades my opinion and embarrasses me.“

Stop Being Sexually Irresponsible


“Stop suggesting I get on birth control for you within a week of our first date,” said one user.

Another shared a disturbing experience: “Had a guy ask me to go on birth control and when I declined (because I'd rather use a condom and not have my hormones fucked with and the pill doesn't offer protection from STIs) he offered to pay for it. When I still declined that he suggested that I just take Plan B afterwards so he wouldn't have to wear a condom.”

Do Not Pursue Married Women


“Not all men obviously, but when I tell you I am married, please do not ask me if I have ever thought of cheating on my husband, or accuse me of lying. Seriously disgusts me how many people (men and women) do not respect a marriage,” said a frustrated user.

Please Stop Catcalling



QUIVERINGFLESHBEAST voiced the sentiments of thousands of women all over the world when she said, “It is very scary to be walking alone and have a man yell out of a car or the side of the street something sexual and usually assault like. ‘I want to grab your tits' 'NICE RACK' 'I'd fuck you sideways.’ Those are all SCARY. Because every time it's someone who could if they wanted to just do that and I couldn't stop you. They are bigger than me. They are stronger than me. They could just do those things. Having it shoved in my face with it being yelled at me is terrifying.

"Catcalls are why I joined a gym instead of going running outside. Catcalls are why I don't like walking alone. Catcalls are scary."

Stop Commenting On Our Looks Just Because We Are Women



“Stop it with the unsolicited commentary on what you think of our looks, particularly in a workplace context where we can't get away. The memory of that guy who told me ‘you're the best looking so I give my money to you’ when I was working as a cashier in a supermarket as a teenager still makes my skin crawl,” recalled another.

Do Not Bully: No Means No


A user named TagProDash was very vehement about this one:

“I don't want to dance with you? Deal with it. I don't want to date you? Deal with it. I don't want to f#*k you? Deal with it.

"Stop pressuring me to do something I don't want to do. If I said no the first time, I'm not going to change my mind. Furthermore, being drunk will not change my answer. Don't buy me a drink. It's not going to help your cause. I will not drink it.”

Do Not Be Friends When You Want More



“Seriously, DO NOT become friends with a woman if you are not okay being just friends. Just don't f*%king do it. You can even think it'd be great if she dated you. Just as long as your intention in being her friend is to BE HER FRIEND. Not to make her slowly fall in love with you or to have her owe you sex because you shared your lunch that one time,” says lynnangel.

Stop Being a Bystander: Take a Stand For Women


Now P3r1d0t had a pretty reasonable demand. "Stop letting other men get away with disrespectful behavior towards women. See some cat calling? That makes us ladies feel shitty. So men, call out other men on it - tell them its rude and gross behavior.

"See some guy at a bar making a lady clearly uncomfortable? Does a friend of yours get super pissed off when a lady rejects him? Other men telling you about PUA techniques? Please goddamnit, please say something, because when women do those types of men don't listen."

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